The first time I learned guitar was when I thought my younger brother became really good at it. Yeah I became jealous at some point, a little competition right there when we were in grade school. That's why I decided to learn playing the guitar, then brother became really really good at it and I got stuck somewhere. His first ever guitar was a gift from my mother. Both my parents play the instrument and now my sister become good at it too. Anyhow my brother wished for a good Fender Bass (which he never had when he was younger) but at this point in his life like he could actually save up for things he wants so I referred him to this site which offers cheap fender bass. There's a good Roger Waters Precision Bass (named after the world-famous bassist/singer song writer). This comes with 12 month extended warranty and 0% interest with Easy Payments. If you want a wish granted this new year, I told my brother, he'd better pre-order today! because this will be available by January 25, 2011.

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Christmas Eve

I wonder how it feels like to spend Christmas (eve, that is) in another country. I was close to having that chance when I went to Brisbane last year but it was in november (still close to december). Let me share our tradition here in the Philippines during the holidays.

100 days
Countdown begins at the 100th day. Yep! not 10 not 5 but 100. As soon as the calendar turns to "BER" so thus our Christmas. People in the neighborhood bring out christmas trees, put on dancing christmas lights and play christmas songs. Prices of toys, gift items, dresses etc are discounted up to 70% except for the food which actually doesn't get cheaper but the other way around. Malls, my gawd is jam packed with mall rats, people from all walks of like trying to figure out to how to spend their bonuses, 13th month pay and whatnot. I am guilty of course but I'm saving up a little because I'm visiting my family on the 27th because I'll be spending new year with them after 6 years. Children serenade every home with exchange of coins or bills but I give candies or food.

Simbang gabi, that's what we call it. Like any other catholic countries Novena is a 9-day mass/prayer tradition. Anticipated mass is during the night and novena mass it at 4AM. They say that when you completed 9 days of Novena mass your wish will be granted. Well good luck to that, I usually stayed late at night so I only had 3 mornings.

Christmas eve and Noche Buena
Family first! But my housemates are my family tonight. I am 1 hour 45 minutes plane ride from my FAMILY but tonight at Noche Buena we're having chicken, mango shake, HAM and pasta. Mass will be at 9PM or earlier (haven't checked the schedule yet).

I know we're 12 hours ahead of time but heck, it'sChristmas no matter where and who you are let's all celebrate it with a happy heart even just for one night. Just so you know the music is playing sooo loud across the street and fireworks are everywhere.

Happy birthday Jesus!!!! And happy Christmas everyone.

By the way I'm blog hopping too, have a fun filled blog hop. Oh and by the way I have a poll on the side, can you answer those three questions for me please please please. :D Thank you.


Laoag Gymnastics Group

Allow me to say I am sooooo proud to be a Filipino. Watching this talent, watching this magnificent performance, it is so awesome! I've been watching showtime for as long as I could and the show never failed to amuse me. But this isn't about the show, it's about these kids from Laoag City. Look at the crowd, so wild, so excited, so awed! A well deserved win, a well deserved 1 million pesos. We hope to see them in Olympics 2012 in London. I don't know, let's see. Enjoy!


Modelli Folli/Model Madness

There are personalities who won people's hearts because they are beautiful, period.They shine because they have a pretty face and perhaps all the jewelries and accessories to go with it. But there are other people who inspires others, who manage to make something out of their talent, who in one way or another find another reason to contribute to the society. I'm talking about Tyra Banks. I'm a HUGE fan. I remembered one time when we were watching a movie back in the 90s (I forgot what it was - or was it Life-Size?) we were staring long enough trying to figure out who she was and who she looked it. And we were like ...... ahhh, her name's Tyra Banks and she looked like Barbie. Then we saw her again in Cayote Ugly,she was so skinny and all but still pretty and articulate too. And I think I love her after that. From being a super model, TV host, business woman to launching an online magazine "www.tyra.com" to turning someone's dream of becoming America's Next Top Model, she's an inspiration to me. And now on ANTM's cycle 15 she wasn't afraid to try new things like directing. To showcase her directorial debut which is totally high fashion, edgy and I must say amazing here's "Modelli Folli" (“Model Madness”). Total Madness. Love it!