The 11.11.11

It's way past midnight of 11.11.11 - the last binary date of the 21st century according to Mashable - but I was so caught up in traffic. Frustrated, looking at the time, because I was sitting, half-asleep in the bus for 2.5 hours and not even halfway to my apartment. Last time I checked it was 10 minutes before my supposed first class. I was imagining what conversations I could have had with my 9-10PM students (or make that 10-11PM JP time) if the roads were empty and the motorists were selfless then everyone could have gone home in time or earlier than expected. I can never get enough of the internet. So after my 12:00AM class I was going through blogs, emailed friends, facebook-ing, tweeting and stumbled upon this cuteness! It made my day. I know what you wanna do right now! You want to snatch her and hug her and kiss her and squeeze her - yeah, I wanna do just the same.

googoo&gaga is a clothing line for kids owned by AJ Dimarucot. He is a Filipino illustrator, a designer, a t-shirt and apparel graphic artist. His works include a Manny Paquiao shirt for Nike, t-shirts deisgn for Adidas Basketball featuring NBA players like Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls and Kevin Garnett. To top it all, he even designed for the late Micheal Jordan - dopeness! I don't know him personally, not even virtually but I saw serious craft here and artist like him with talent like his' is just too good to pass up. Visit his website or follow him on twitter @ajdimarucot  or read his thoughts here - And yeah, he designed the baby girl's shirt. 

Now tell me if this didn't make you happy. I'm off to a great weekend! 


The Halloween

It's been a week since halloween but I'd like to share with you how zombiefied I was and the story behind it.  I chose to wear the Zombie costume because I didn't like the idea of getting my hair done or wearing makeup or carrying a lot of stuff on the day of the event - in short the hassle of dressing up. Turned out that zombies need to put on green-orgre-ish color on their faces - how wonderful, eh? My team's amazing. Everyone's trying to be pretty-ugly-odd as much as they can. Everyone was in character. Now I'm starting to wonder why we didn't win, hah! But honestly we were aiming for the 5 grand, nonetheless, the collective effort and the artistic collaboration was just awesome! Let me present to you the biggest Pea Shooter in the entire world.... charaaann...

1. The person wearing the Pea Shooter costume is the artist as well.
2. The lovely pea shooter.
3. The classic Addams family - they never grow old and never go out of style. Morticia's fashion is always classy. But I am so in love with Wednesday's character - she it played so well. Not to mention I made some adjustments to the dress - ehem. LOL
4. So yeah. that's me - I looked like Fiona without Shrek - the zombie among the sunflowers.


The Yokoo

Silence is important.
There is no substitution for hardwork. - Yokoo

Handmade Portraits: YOKOO from Etsy on Vimeo.

The Short Skin Film

Only ARMANI can do this. Rihanna strips for ARMANI - the short film. Yoohooo, watch! The hair, the look, the everything.


The Circus, A Cover

Oh man! The last time I checked you were agatom of Sineskwela. People, listen to this world class talent! Brenan singing Britney Spears's Circus. What do you say, Chris Brown?


The Beret

I thank the universe that despite my fully loaded schedule I am still able to do another crochet project.
Materials used: 6 and 1/2 skeins of Red Heard acryclic yarn  (shade 08319) and hook #7. So I started last friday (Sept 30) and finished it today. This is for my friend Jamie, a gift for his birthday! I really hope this fits you, Jamie.

I bought these at Dreams and Carolinas at Glorietta 5.
Yes, I learned it the hard way. I had to untangle four times
just to get the size right.
Regina! I had to try it on someone. She's leaving for Davao today.
And of course, I had to try it on, too.
Ah, that's my ear all right! The elvish ear. LOL
Now in case you want to give it a shot too, I copied it from the video below. Her's looks perfectly neat. I can't get it right for some reason. My hands were sore from counting, stretching, double crocheting, single crocheting and decreasing but thanks to this video, I completed the beret today. So this is just the first part (I do not want to post the entire 4 vids here), it's detailed plus there are several techniques that I learned from her.


The Runway Television Asia

Philippine Fashion has exponentially improved over time. From Philippine Fashion Week to Project Runway (now on it's third season) to Danica Magpantay winning the hearts of international audience by conquering the prestigious Ford Supermodel of the World. And now, THIS! World class I must say. Honestly I am a big fan of Teresa Herrera. I watched Project Runway mainly because of her (and some) and because I mimic her hosting style (I tried, really, but not even close). I was a bit sad when she left Project Runway but then again she didn't just leave, she's making it big and international! So watch her on Runway Television Asia as she covers the hottest trends in New York Fashion Week and Fashion straight from the runways of the world!

Style Media Asia
in cooperation with
Runway Media Groups
Status Media Group


Executive Producer
Tina P. Herrera

Executive Producer
Teresa P. Herrera

Executive Producer
Joey A. Espino Jr.

Executive Producer
Audie A. Espino

Directed by
Lance Kaplan

Creative Director
Vicky Herrera

Hosted By
Teresa P. Herrera


The Campaign, Lanvin Fall 2011

Models, no matter how awkward they look, seem so pretty and elegant with Lanvin. Here's Lanvin's Fall 2011 Campaign.

Steven Meisel is a genius. I wonder what it takes to be his intern (not counting visa application)? And yep, you are right! He is the man behind Madonna's infamous Sex book in 1992.

Photography by: Steven Meisel
Creative Director: House and Homme
Models: Raquel Zimmermann & Karen Elson


The Make-Up Artist

This has been the longest weekend ever in my entire life (not counting Christmas holidays of course because that's a given). But before we all have to wake up early to go to work tomorrow, my housemate decided to make my face a canvass so she can post some of the pictures to her portfolio. The first two pictures were Regina's inspiration: 1. Alberta Ferretti S/S 11 and 2. Dita Von Teese (don't worry I really don't look  like any of these girls LOL) Here ya go... charaaannn ...

For appoinment:
Name: Regina Layasan
Email: rlayasan@yahoo.com
Mobile: 09088735650
Facebook: regina.layasan

By the way, if you are in Makati (or close to Makati) we are looking for new models. Let me know if you're interested.

Inspiration #1 - Alberta Ferretti S/S 11 Backstage

Dita Von Teese

Zero Make-Up
With foundation.

The Japanese warrior. 

More pictures here.


The Weave

It took me two months to finish this project. Not that it was difficult but I had so many thing to do in between. But today all it takes was a power nap to condition myself. This is a weave-crocheted organizer. My sister sewed the lining and the zipper together using her sewing machine (2 weeks ago). And  I attached the lining on the crocheted organizer. There are several videos on youtube that will teach you even the basics of crochet. Well, my mother taught me the basics when I was very little but this pattern is from youtube. I used Red Heart's Acrylic yarn which I bought from Carolina's Lace shop at Greenbelt 5 (they also have a store at SM Mega mall) and the cloth is from my collection (which I also used to make bags).


The Architect's Oath

Pardon my absence I was so tied up with my jobs, yeah, I got a second job!! Huraay. But last week, my housemate, now a new architect, was looking for the perfect outfit to wear during her oath taking. Sooo the shopping began. With less than 5 hours to shop we headed to Rockwell in Makati. My sister bought at least 3 colors of nail polish and my housemate bought liquid foundation at The Face Shop. We're supposed to check out the bazaar but changed our minds so we went back to the mall. At the 2nd floor we had fun taking pictures, my sister tried a fascinator while my housemate tried almost every anything from the rack. I was surprised to know we were at  ANTHOLOGY.! Then we fainted after we ate froyo, chicken and banana split - of course we didn't. haha. Ooops, sorry about the quality of the picture -taken using a BlackBerry. So here's to Architect Regina Layasan, cheers!!!

The new Architect! 


Fierce McDonald's, eh!

All we need is a fierce long sleeve stripped custom, a red head model, a good pair of shoes, fresh tomato and a real burger. This was McDonald's commercial in Japan. Dig in! 


Kermit Tesoro

World, I am soooo soooo proud to present to you a Filipino Designer whose designs transcend Filipinos' romatic baro't saya and elegant gowns - another milestone that is for Philippine Fashion. Lady Gaga, you deserve a KERMIT TESORO! Online store is now OPEN.



Title: OMG
Artist: Karylle

This is definitely an out of the box music video from the witty singer/artist/actress/writer Karylle - daughter of Philippines' Divine Diva, Zsa Zsa Padilla. Looking at the video, listening to the music, checking out her clothes - everything makes sense. This is something new for the Filipino crowd - or at least for me, something fresh from Karylle, something really entertaining. To know more about her, follow her on twitter @anakarylle .


For the love of Crochet

Documentário Helen Rödel - Estudos MMXI (english subtitles) from Helen Rödel on Vimeo.

It all started with the Koreanovela "Mary Stayed Out All Night" which turned out to be my inspiration. The lead role made wonderful pieces of knitted jackets, gloves and scarves. And although I do not know how to knit I have a little background on crochet. This video is another inspiration. Let us all get inspired! But first I'll start with beanies and bags, heads bands and scarves.

Here's my first project - Crochet Puff Stitch Hat


Style Icon #1 - Divine Lee

Gay lingo anyone? 
 I have been a twitter follower of people who speaks so well. I've been blogging long enough to actually read good blog posts from real authors (by that I meant authors of best selling books). I've become obsessed reading quotes of grammar police, editors and writers have since been a part of my daily read. Then came Divine Lee. Who is she? I don't really know her (really, I don't know her personally) - LOL - but her blog has been a daily habit. Her blog conveys in a manner where people can relate, laugh, maybe hate, but most of all admire. Most of her blog posts by the way are written in the vernacular gay lingo (or we call it Becky-speak). I don't know how she did it, she seems to have a dictionary of those words but they are really entertaining - trust me.

Inspector Gadget Mode
So I made a little background check, not that I had to hunt her (I know she has a show on TV 5 but please don't tell me she stars for a late night TV drama because I  haven't watched a telly since late January, OK?)

It is comforting to know that this lady works for a family business GA LUCA Mansion - meaning she works her ass off just like an ordinary office worker.  Second, she's a gay advocate. She gave gays a magnitude of respect when she wrote about gay rights. She encouraged people to acquire the "organ donor card". She donated for "Child Haus" - an organization for children with cancer. And whole lot more. She's got a big heart (though she's skinny -really she is) She models, she poses for magazines and she has her own line of clothing. Did I say enough? I know I did, that's why she's my Style Icon for this month.I'm about to do that series in my blog.Don't worry Miss D, a statue is not yet in place - LOL, this whole blog post is an appreciation of how much you inspire people (straight and gays alike) and how your good vibes spread like a plague which has infected people in a good way. Woooshoooo (blush here), pardon the fan girl moment but you are my style icon (so I don't have to ask questions in your Q&A page). But my biggest wish, really, is a photoshoot with you - you'd be the model, I the photographer (oh god, I'd die if you'd say yes- LOL) You can follow her on twitter @DivinemLee, like her on facebook, ask her questions, win prizes, get crazy over her  travels, get the latest fashion trend on tumblr (don't ask me, ask her). And so much more.

So in case you're wondering who I'm talking about here,  ladies and gents - Divine Lee (I didn't steal the pictures, I asked her via twitter (sticks tongue out here- ble).

Divine Lee with her god daughter. Cuteness!

Divine Lee holding the Organ Donor Card

Divine Lee with boyfriend Victor Basa

Divine Lee with Kids from the Child Haus