Juno and Minute Maid

 One of my favorite movies of all time is Juno. It starred Ellen Page (Juno MacGuff) and Michael Cera (Paulie Bleeker). It's a story about a teenager's unplanned pregnancy and her decision to give birth to a baby and have it adopted. But what she didn't know is that she swallowed a really big orange. And every night three dwarfs sneak into her house and suck the juice out of her belly. They sometimes miss nights for some reason I don't know - lack of sleep maybe or hangover,  but they make it a point to get the juice extracted before 5AM monday. For reason neither you and I know. Of course this is not the real story. I made it all up. :D


But here's the real deal. Pulpy Minute Maid has extracted orange juice including the pulp and put in a bottle, yep NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED. With all the junk food in world all we need is something healthy. I'm no healh buff but if it's not interesting or maybe not something that I can benefit from I woudn't buy it. I am an "iced tea" person but I'd like to try new food or new drinks. So here comes Minute Maid, a product that promises a drink with NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES. I further researched and I found out that it's a zero-trans fat drink and has 100% Vitamin C, see for yourself! So I'm pulping up my blog until the end of this month!

To those who'd like to win a HAND SEWN TOTE BAG from me, here are the mechanics:

1. Comment on my post dated 1-10-11 or click HERE. ONLY COMMENTS IN MY 1-10-11 ENTRY ARE HONORED.
2. Write your name together with either of the following: twitter name, facebook account name and/or email address. So I know where to contact you in case you win.
3. I will choose one (1) international winner and (2) local winners.
4. Would you like to have more entries?

Blog comment = 1 entry
Tweet about my 1-10-11 post (including the link) = 2 entries
Post my Puply Minute Maid 1-10-11 entry link in your facebook = 3 entries

Spread the word. Good luck! Who knows there might be something exciting than a TOTE bag!

You'll get the same TOTE size but the design may vary.
Picture of the giveaways will be posted next week.

Oh oh oh and by the way, my friend and fellow blogger Alex "Xander" (A boy named Xander) is nominated for MASTER POGI (handsome) BLOGGER OF THE YEAR award. Please vote for him HERE:

Let me end your reading pleasure by adding my favorite JUNO line(s):

Well, I still have your underwear.

I still...
I have your virginity.

Would you shut up?

What, are you ashamed
that we did it?

Because at least
you don't have to have
the evidence under your sweater.

I'm a planet.


  1. Gwenie.. wow naman na touch ako.. hahaha thanks gwen. cool.. hehhee

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  9. Hi! Minute Maid is so good! I agree with you. NO preservatives!

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  31. Juno is one of my fave movies. And I think highly of its soundtrack, too. I wonder if you've seen Scott Pilgrim, Michael Cera is cool as ever there.

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