Twilight Saga

So finally, I watched two Twilight Episodes and it was a movie marathon at Star Movies. They titled it Twilight "SEGA". We were like, isn't it supposed to be SAGA? Anyhow, Twilight fans please don't hate me, the movie wasn't that great but good enough to actually satisfy my curiosity. I'm pretty sure it was done with so much effort. Because my sister and I weren't so into it we have had a few suggestions:

The titles are as follows:

1. How to become a vampire.
2. We could be in love. (some local title of a song)
3. Vampire 101.

And few good things to point out too:

1. That vampires don't actually burn when they are exposed to direct sun, they shine like diamonds. I see.
2. That the Lautner guy looks like a real werewolf although I can't get away with the six-pack. Hellooo, that's a lot of muscles in there and I don't mind being attacked.
3. The Cullens are good vegetarian vampires. They only drink blood from animals. 
4. Carlisle is a beautiful name.
5. That Edward Cullen died in Harry Potter.
6. And the musical scoring is fantastic.

I am not fan of blood sucking creatures and probably the book better explains the story with clarity and with much details. This is my initial reaction before I got to read Harry Potter, OK. I thought it was a mere fad but it was well written that it deserved a fans club.


  1. I haven't seen any of the movies, and have no interest in seeing them. I thought it was my age. But I know other women who love them. Then I thought it was just me. I'm glad to read it's not!

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  2. The books are better, but they aren't written that well. You cracked me up though on this post. You got your points so right! haha. Anyway, thanks for the follow, I'm doing the same in return. Have a great day and come back and visit soon. BJ @DAT's so Cute

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  4. I'm a huge fan, I loved the books and the movies!

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