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Gay lingo anyone? 
 I have been a twitter follower of people who speaks so well. I've been blogging long enough to actually read good blog posts from real authors (by that I meant authors of best selling books). I've become obsessed reading quotes of grammar police, editors and writers have since been a part of my daily read. Then came Divine Lee. Who is she? I don't really know her (really, I don't know her personally) - LOL - but her blog has been a daily habit. Her blog conveys in a manner where people can relate, laugh, maybe hate, but most of all admire. Most of her blog posts by the way are written in the vernacular gay lingo (or we call it Becky-speak). I don't know how she did it, she seems to have a dictionary of those words but they are really entertaining - trust me.

Inspector Gadget Mode
So I made a little background check, not that I had to hunt her (I know she has a show on TV 5 but please don't tell me she stars for a late night TV drama because I  haven't watched a telly since late January, OK?)

It is comforting to know that this lady works for a family business GA LUCA Mansion - meaning she works her ass off just like an ordinary office worker.  Second, she's a gay advocate. She gave gays a magnitude of respect when she wrote about gay rights. She encouraged people to acquire the "organ donor card". She donated for "Child Haus" - an organization for children with cancer. And whole lot more. She's got a big heart (though she's skinny -really she is) She models, she poses for magazines and she has her own line of clothing. Did I say enough? I know I did, that's why she's my Style Icon for this month.I'm about to do that series in my blog.Don't worry Miss D, a statue is not yet in place - LOL, this whole blog post is an appreciation of how much you inspire people (straight and gays alike) and how your good vibes spread like a plague which has infected people in a good way. Woooshoooo (blush here), pardon the fan girl moment but you are my style icon (so I don't have to ask questions in your Q&A page). But my biggest wish, really, is a photoshoot with you - you'd be the model, I the photographer (oh god, I'd die if you'd say yes- LOL) You can follow her on twitter @DivinemLee, like her on facebook, ask her questions, win prizes, get crazy over her  travels, get the latest fashion trend on tumblr (don't ask me, ask her). And so much more.

So in case you're wondering who I'm talking about here,  ladies and gents - Divine Lee (I didn't steal the pictures, I asked her via twitter (sticks tongue out here- ble).

Divine Lee with her god daughter. Cuteness!

Divine Lee holding the Organ Donor Card

Divine Lee with boyfriend Victor Basa

Divine Lee with Kids from the Child Haus

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