Fierce McDonald's, eh!

All we need is a fierce long sleeve stripped custom, a red head model, a good pair of shoes, fresh tomato and a real burger. This was McDonald's commercial in Japan. Dig in! 


Kermit Tesoro

World, I am soooo soooo proud to present to you a Filipino Designer whose designs transcend Filipinos' romatic baro't saya and elegant gowns - another milestone that is for Philippine Fashion. Lady Gaga, you deserve a KERMIT TESORO! Online store is now OPEN.



Title: OMG
Artist: Karylle

This is definitely an out of the box music video from the witty singer/artist/actress/writer Karylle - daughter of Philippines' Divine Diva, Zsa Zsa Padilla. Looking at the video, listening to the music, checking out her clothes - everything makes sense. This is something new for the Filipino crowd - or at least for me, something fresh from Karylle, something really entertaining. To know more about her, follow her on twitter @anakarylle .