The Architect's Oath

Pardon my absence I was so tied up with my jobs, yeah, I got a second job!! Huraay. But last week, my housemate, now a new architect, was looking for the perfect outfit to wear during her oath taking. Sooo the shopping began. With less than 5 hours to shop we headed to Rockwell in Makati. My sister bought at least 3 colors of nail polish and my housemate bought liquid foundation at The Face Shop. We're supposed to check out the bazaar but changed our minds so we went back to the mall. At the 2nd floor we had fun taking pictures, my sister tried a fascinator while my housemate tried almost every anything from the rack. I was surprised to know we were at  ANTHOLOGY.! Then we fainted after we ate froyo, chicken and banana split - of course we didn't. haha. Ooops, sorry about the quality of the picture -taken using a BlackBerry. So here's to Architect Regina Layasan, cheers!!!

The new Architect! 


  1. Sarap ng food.. nakakagutom. ahehehhee..missing you here in blogosphere Gwenie!

  2. thanks Alex. i thought you'll abstain from blogging. hahaha