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Philippine Fashion has exponentially improved over time. From Philippine Fashion Week to Project Runway (now on it's third season) to Danica Magpantay winning the hearts of international audience by conquering the prestigious Ford Supermodel of the World. And now, THIS! World class I must say. Honestly I am a big fan of Teresa Herrera. I watched Project Runway mainly because of her (and some) and because I mimic her hosting style (I tried, really, but not even close). I was a bit sad when she left Project Runway but then again she didn't just leave, she's making it big and international! So watch her on Runway Television Asia as she covers the hottest trends in New York Fashion Week and Fashion straight from the runways of the world!

Style Media Asia
in cooperation with
Runway Media Groups
Status Media Group


Executive Producer
Tina P. Herrera

Executive Producer
Teresa P. Herrera

Executive Producer
Joey A. Espino Jr.

Executive Producer
Audie A. Espino

Directed by
Lance Kaplan

Creative Director
Vicky Herrera

Hosted By
Teresa P. Herrera

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