The Beret

I thank the universe that despite my fully loaded schedule I am still able to do another crochet project.
Materials used: 6 and 1/2 skeins of Red Heard acryclic yarn  (shade 08319) and hook #7. So I started last friday (Sept 30) and finished it today. This is for my friend Jamie, a gift for his birthday! I really hope this fits you, Jamie.

I bought these at Dreams and Carolinas at Glorietta 5.
Yes, I learned it the hard way. I had to untangle four times
just to get the size right.
Regina! I had to try it on someone. She's leaving for Davao today.
And of course, I had to try it on, too.
Ah, that's my ear all right! The elvish ear. LOL
Now in case you want to give it a shot too, I copied it from the video below. Her's looks perfectly neat. I can't get it right for some reason. My hands were sore from counting, stretching, double crocheting, single crocheting and decreasing but thanks to this video, I completed the beret today. So this is just the first part (I do not want to post the entire 4 vids here), it's detailed plus there are several techniques that I learned from her.

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  1. Wow. Can you make a bag out of it? Of course you can. Hehehe. Nice. :D