The 11.11.11

It's way past midnight of 11.11.11 - the last binary date of the 21st century according to Mashable - but I was so caught up in traffic. Frustrated, looking at the time, because I was sitting, half-asleep in the bus for 2.5 hours and not even halfway to my apartment. Last time I checked it was 10 minutes before my supposed first class. I was imagining what conversations I could have had with my 9-10PM students (or make that 10-11PM JP time) if the roads were empty and the motorists were selfless then everyone could have gone home in time or earlier than expected. I can never get enough of the internet. So after my 12:00AM class I was going through blogs, emailed friends, facebook-ing, tweeting and stumbled upon this cuteness! It made my day. I know what you wanna do right now! You want to snatch her and hug her and kiss her and squeeze her - yeah, I wanna do just the same.

googoo&gaga is a clothing line for kids owned by AJ Dimarucot. He is a Filipino illustrator, a designer, a t-shirt and apparel graphic artist. His works include a Manny Paquiao shirt for Nike, t-shirts deisgn for Adidas Basketball featuring NBA players like Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls and Kevin Garnett. To top it all, he even designed for the late Micheal Jordan - dopeness! I don't know him personally, not even virtually but I saw serious craft here and artist like him with talent like his' is just too good to pass up. Visit his website or follow him on twitter @ajdimarucot  or read his thoughts here - And yeah, he designed the baby girl's shirt. 

Now tell me if this didn't make you happy. I'm off to a great weekend! 


The Halloween

It's been a week since halloween but I'd like to share with you how zombiefied I was and the story behind it.  I chose to wear the Zombie costume because I didn't like the idea of getting my hair done or wearing makeup or carrying a lot of stuff on the day of the event - in short the hassle of dressing up. Turned out that zombies need to put on green-orgre-ish color on their faces - how wonderful, eh? My team's amazing. Everyone's trying to be pretty-ugly-odd as much as they can. Everyone was in character. Now I'm starting to wonder why we didn't win, hah! But honestly we were aiming for the 5 grand, nonetheless, the collective effort and the artistic collaboration was just awesome! Let me present to you the biggest Pea Shooter in the entire world.... charaaann...

1. The person wearing the Pea Shooter costume is the artist as well.
2. The lovely pea shooter.
3. The classic Addams family - they never grow old and never go out of style. Morticia's fashion is always classy. But I am so in love with Wednesday's character - she it played so well. Not to mention I made some adjustments to the dress - ehem. LOL
4. So yeah. that's me - I looked like Fiona without Shrek - the zombie among the sunflowers.