Walk in Heels

I have at least three pairs of high heeled shoes including a wedge but I never really wear them as often because, yeah, I can't wear them confidently. So here's a tutorial that can help you walk on heels - which by the way is really helpful to me.


Black Swan x Morticia Addams

I miss dressing up for coporate occassions since I left my the old company. I used to look forward to year-end parties, halloween, themed weekdays, and summer outings. I miss having trouble looking for the right outfit, not to mention searching for the right hairstyles and makeup and customes too! Because everyone  - probably not eveyone - but 98% of the people loved art, and music and socializing and craziness and having fun.

Halloween is a hint that may birthday is coming but I do not have the chance to attend to any parties this year. So my housemate and I went silly, bored, and artistic! We put on our makeup and dress up for halloween and pose for pictures. Had I attended a party, I would've been the black swan. Then, Honey, my housemate dressed up like Morticia Addams.



To those of us who love to travel, there's a new suitcase that's easy to carry. Introducing, Hop! the following suitcase. I'm such a light packer, I usually carry backpack even on a 4 or 5-day vacation. But this! I think it's cute but the problem is what if your smart phone signal interferes with other passengers? I'm not sure how heavy this thing is but it looks really convenient.

hop! the following suitcase from rodrigo garcĂ­a on Vimeo.


More fun in the Philippines

Sure, my country, The Philippines has been with a lot of controversies lately. From Senator's infringement issues to cybercrime law to the circus of filing for certicate of candicacy-  the Department of Tourism created a way to let everyone know that there are beautiful things despite our socia problems. There is HOPE. See for yourself! 


Playing dress up!

There are four of us in this apartment. The other new housemate came in about a month ago. In days when we have nothing else to do, we play dress up and of course I play the photographer.

The walls were dirty, the floor - unscrubed and the only available light was that from the window with an amateur skill as a photograph, we ended up laughing as if we're trippin' and on a high. Enjoy the pictures!





No to Cybercrime Law!!!

I believe in the freedom expression not in hasty laws that do not contribute to the betterment of my country, The Philippnes. There are several other social issues that must be addressed. We DON'T need another LAW! We want action.


Are we BER yet?

I love it when it BERs just because Christmas is fast approaching plus I don't have to hate summer anymore. It's getting cold and I like it so much. So to begin my cold BER months one of my housemates decided to sell clothes online and I was happy to play the photographer. The other housemate was the model. Check out her facebook page to see other items on sale.


Call Me Maybe

I know this video has been viral. It even keeps playing in head for the entire week last week!!! And just recently Abercrombie and Fitch models created their own Call Me Maybe video to celebrate the song's popularity. Man, I don't know about you but this video is soooo dammmm hot! I just can't help but post.

So are the pretty A-listers from the Philippines which reaches 1M hits in less than a month.

And of course Bieber and his gang.


My Sexy Revolution Starts Now!

It is true what they say that a girl's only dream is to eat chocolates and never gain weight. I never really had a sexy body, not even fit even when I was in college. I chose to dress up like a boy - jeans and shirt - just to hide my belly and my arms. When I first came to Manila I was all that, then a friend of mind told me to dress up like a girl. That would mean skinny jeans, skirt maybe and a form-fitting blouse - that was all in my head. I was only hundred and ten before I met beer and late night snacks. I do not blame work and lazy sundays. Then I gained ten lbs then finally begging my jeans to close since I added few more weight and ended up 140 lbs., scary!

It's in the genes, baby!

Friends laugh at the thought of me being skinny - yes I would love to be skinny, I would love that model figure on the runway, I would barter few years of my life to fit the smallest sizes on the rack. But sweety, it's genes and dieting could only do so much. I gave up meat in 2008 - pork and beef - and in several occassions I passed by McDonalds craving for double cheese burger meal which had been a staple until my face was bloated. It helped, yeah, but only a few because I would still eat junk, never exercise and still drink.

Flaunt it.

I can't! In 2009 I went to Australia for a friend's wedding and went for a trip to Gold Coast. Something tells me a two-piece bikini should be packed (but I opted not to). To be honest I could've worn it but I didn't and I was too shy.

Wearing a two-piece is my friend, then bride, Grace.
Me? A shorts and sleeveless top on a nice beach. 

And this is me shamelessly flaunting my belly. LOL

Fast forward, 2012.
I lost 20 lbs since I left the other company 2 years ago. I get enough sleep, I work in the morning, I yoga on weekends, eat less junk, and still refuse to eat pok and beef. My face has natually contoured and my old jeans looks good on me, but my skin has loosen - especially on my belly and arms and it's unflattering and it is really sad. Oh and I almost forgot, I work in a men's corporate world. 70% of my officemates are boys and I want to get past that hair flicking, pretty smiling stage. I want to show off a really nice figure almost every men want!

Sexy Solutions.

I heard of Sexy Solutions a month ago because A-listers like Georgina Wilson (@ilovegeorgina) and Divine Lee (@divinelee) are talking about it and the results are AAAAAMAAZING!!! Summer is almost over but it's no excuse to get the body that I always dream of. 26-inch waistline? YES PLEASE!

Look at their SEXY CLUB and drool!!!

Sexy Solutions is established by Cristalle Belo Henares (@cristallebelo), daughter of beauty doyenne Dr. Vicki Belo (@VickiBelo), Sexy Solutions offers body-contouring treatments that give you fast and remarkable results — up to TWO INCHES PER SESSION.

Sexy Solutions (www.sexysolutions.com.ph) is a non-invasive fat reduction clinic that has machines that can (1) melt fat in stubborn places, (2) tighten loose skin and (3) tone muscle. After doing your diet, perhaps you might have ended up with another problem that sexy solutions can solve. Examples are: “My diet worked but…. the fat in stubborn areas can’t seem to go away,” or “skin is loose after I worked out and lost all the weight.”  

Sexy Solutions also has in-house consultants that can help you with your nutrition and fitness regimen.   A concern that you might have after your diet is: “The diet worked but I was weak the whole day so I don’t think it was healthy for me to do and it was certainly not sustainable. Perhaps, Sexy Solution’s nutritionist can point me towards a healthy way of losing weight.”

THEY OFFER 50% OFF UNTIL MAY 31, 2012!!!!

Follow them on twitter @sexysolutions, and like Sexy Solutions on Facebook. 
Call them at 810-SEXY (7399) 

They are located at:
Medical Plaza Makati, 
Bonifacio High Street Central and 
Il Terrazzo, Morato

Get the Georgina Wilson and Divine Lee body that WE always wanted! 
Because beauty and confidence is FASHION, lets gow!!!


House of Laurel

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Fashion Gala Wednesday (5.9.2012)

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HongKong, Day 1

A girl could only dream of snow and cold weather especially when she lives in the tropics. So when we went to HongKong in Feb, we were equipped with winter clothes. Cool outfit deserves a photoshoot. Sadly I was mostly the photographer so my friends took photos of me. It wasn't as cold as I expected it to be but still it was a good opportunity for a photoshoot.

Just arrived at HongKong international airport. 
I was trying to get some wifi and luckily I was able to connect! 
Seriously, Philippines should have more wifi hotspots.

See, I was THE photographer.

Hurray for travellers!! This is my friend, Popin. Remeber when I said it wasn't that cold? Yep, that's why I had to take off my blazer. This was inside the airport but outside it was freezing. Hey it was 11PM when we arrived.

What I'm wearing:
1. Long sleeves and printed shirt - c/o my friend Briex
(She gave it to me when she visited day before we left for HongKong)
2. Pants - Divisoria
3. Shoes - flea market
4. Blazer - eBay
5. Scarf - Landmark

I buy really comfortable clothes that are not expensive. I usually get my clothes from eBay, local brands and department stores. And I like it that way. Tune in for some thrifty fashion tips. 


Fashion Gala Wednesday (5.2.2012)

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The Textured

I've been so in love with crocheted and knitted fashion lately (because I've been practicing one myself). I've been searching really good parterns to practice on and I've been successful so far. Let's take a look at some textured pieces.

White textured cardigan with fringe
Zippora Seven shoot for Oracle Fox X Billabong

Crochet collection from Emilio Pucci (S/S 2011)

And finally,
Chantal Platform Booties


The Photographer

I am an amateur photographer, or let me say I am trying to become a photographer. I've been reading about a lot of photoblogs and I came across HongKong's Photoblog. Of course it's in Chinese but most videos and pictures are pretty understandable. Maybe there's something about art that makes you understand even if the description is written on a different language/. The art is called BOKEH, you don't need to buy, you can make one on your own and you can do it on any camera. Here's a video of it.


The Magical World

It's freezing cold up here but it's so great to travel with good friends. Alas a trip to Hongkong Disneyland!!


The strangers

I love how people dress up in a 16 degrees C weather. I wish to live here.

The toast art

Bread and art combined.


To noodles and beyond! My journey to hongkong begins and this is my friend Lish. Hoho


The Sartorialist

I've been following The Sartorialist for years now, even witnessed the site went down because of too much traffic. He has been an inspiration to me. His street photos of people and fashion is like being a journey with him all over the world. Take a look at him live and talking to 25 of the most stylish men in the world.


The Tweed Beret

You know why I'm so obsessed with knitted stuff? It is because I don't know how to make one. Such as this. I could die, please teach me how. NOW! And here's the thing, it's out of stock at FarFetch.


The Korean Actor

I am a sucker for Korean films  - drama especially. One reason maybe is because I am interested in their language and second is they're just beautiful. Like this guy right here, his name is Lee Dong Wook (I can't even remember it at the top of my head). He starred in several Korean drama including the one  I finished yesterday - The Scent of a Woman.

Photo Credits

These are scenes from the drama series "The Scent of a Woman"



The Rendition

Hilarious to the nth level. I almost fell off the chair listening to this (or watching). Be careful where you're at. Make sure you are on a safe place before watching this. Have fun!



The Debut Ad

Really, when you have her genes and your mom is Cindy Crawford and your father Rande Gerber, your debut campaign is not just some ad but VERSACE! Ladies and gents presenting 10-year old Kaia Gerber for Young Versace.




Today, almost everyone who loves internet are protesting. Blocking their sites and maybe shutting down in the next 24 hours. And because I am a believer of the freedom of speech and not of hipocricy, I am reposting some videos from various sites taking action against SOPA and PIPA. This is just selfish! Hey, isn't it that the best things in life are free?

View more from Mashable on websites that took a stand against this selfishness. booooo!!! Even I WROTE THIS FOR YOU said a word about SOPA/PIPA.




The Tweed

I want my tweed!!! If I can't find an affordable leather jacket, then tweed it is!

Photo Credit

Missoni May wool-blend tweed coat available at Net-A-Porter



The Make Up Brush

I rarely put makeup on, not even lip gloss. Trust me. But when I watch this video, there's  something about the make up brushes that's so interesting makes me want to collect each one of them.



The Snood

Aha! Now I know what this thing is called. I thought it's a scarf all along. They call it a SNOOD. So what really is a snood. In the old times it is worn as a headgear that resembles a hair net. For whatever reason, some fashion evolution maybe, modern fashion requires you to wear it around your neck. What happened to history? I don't know But really, this is interesting. Of course nowadays you don't wear a net around your neck except maybe if you feel like wearing one, then go ahead! Here are some of the best snoods, I think, are available online.

Glossy purple faux fur short doughnut shaped snood. 86% Modacrylic,14% Polyester. Available at Topshop 
for $50.

Teal Chunky Snood available at Misssel Fridge priced at $32

Gray fox fur from Rewind Vintage Affairs available at Far Fetch for €320.00

Selecia snood. ON SALE at the Theory for $275

And finally, WOOL and THE GANG's Snood Dogg DIY wool scarf kit. Priced at $80.12, available at 
Net-A-Porter. Exactly the reason why I need to learn the skill. Sigh. Oh well. Crochet's a good start though.



The Leather

One of my students told me that 19 is not really that cold. Maybe not freezing but 14 is if the temperature drops that low during our visit. Since it would be funny to wear puffy jacket I would like to wear red leather jacket. Yes, specifically RED. Here are some good jackets that I found online.

Muubaa Mallow Biker Jacket at $530.00. Available at Revolve Clothing

Roberto Cavalli's Perforated Nappa Leather jacket. Available at Luisa Via Roma for 1,892.0 euros.

Or perhaps this classic moto style Simone Jacket as seen on Nicole Richie. Available at Singer 22 for $1,195.

This makes me more excited!!!


The Preparation

All right! In February (I know it's only Janaury and I'm thinking ahead) we are going to HongKong. It's been what, 2 years since I last traveled? In the meantime, while the itinerary is drafted, I have outfits in mind for our trip.

Outfit #1
Photo Credit


The Music

Up Dharma Down, once again, mesmerizes everyone with their new single "Indak"



The Attack

Tell me if this is not addictive!!! Let this be my last day of getting my brains eaten by this game. Tomorrow and the rest of the month is more goal oriented. Hey, I have goals in this game too, in fact I have had a lot of achievements. Alright alright, doesn't sound mature but yeah I thought'd forgot about this game then I got an itouch then I bought the game for at least $2 then my schedule went mad. To my students, I shall talk to you tomorrow. Ciao!



The Free Biscuits

If there's one gift that i'd like to receive today that'd be genesority. So I put up a little something on facebook - it started last year actually when we decided to spring clean the apartment. Instead of throwing things out I decided to create a freebies corner called FREE BISCUITS. Check it out for yourself. I know some of them are not new but hey other people might need them. In case you wanna give something away let me know. Comment here, email me or message me on Facebook.

Photo Credit