The Korean Actor

I am a sucker for Korean films  - drama especially. One reason maybe is because I am interested in their language and second is they're just beautiful. Like this guy right here, his name is Lee Dong Wook (I can't even remember it at the top of my head). He starred in several Korean drama including the one  I finished yesterday - The Scent of a Woman.

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These are scenes from the drama series "The Scent of a Woman"



The Rendition

Hilarious to the nth level. I almost fell off the chair listening to this (or watching). Be careful where you're at. Make sure you are on a safe place before watching this. Have fun!



The Debut Ad

Really, when you have her genes and your mom is Cindy Crawford and your father Rande Gerber, your debut campaign is not just some ad but VERSACE! Ladies and gents presenting 10-year old Kaia Gerber for Young Versace.




Today, almost everyone who loves internet are protesting. Blocking their sites and maybe shutting down in the next 24 hours. And because I am a believer of the freedom of speech and not of hipocricy, I am reposting some videos from various sites taking action against SOPA and PIPA. This is just selfish! Hey, isn't it that the best things in life are free?

View more from Mashable on websites that took a stand against this selfishness. booooo!!! Even I WROTE THIS FOR YOU said a word about SOPA/PIPA.




The Tweed

I want my tweed!!! If I can't find an affordable leather jacket, then tweed it is!

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Missoni May wool-blend tweed coat available at Net-A-Porter



The Make Up Brush

I rarely put makeup on, not even lip gloss. Trust me. But when I watch this video, there's  something about the make up brushes that's so interesting makes me want to collect each one of them.



The Snood

Aha! Now I know what this thing is called. I thought it's a scarf all along. They call it a SNOOD. So what really is a snood. In the old times it is worn as a headgear that resembles a hair net. For whatever reason, some fashion evolution maybe, modern fashion requires you to wear it around your neck. What happened to history? I don't know But really, this is interesting. Of course nowadays you don't wear a net around your neck except maybe if you feel like wearing one, then go ahead! Here are some of the best snoods, I think, are available online.

Glossy purple faux fur short doughnut shaped snood. 86% Modacrylic,14% Polyester. Available at Topshop 
for $50.

Teal Chunky Snood available at Misssel Fridge priced at $32

Gray fox fur from Rewind Vintage Affairs available at Far Fetch for €320.00

Selecia snood. ON SALE at the Theory for $275

And finally, WOOL and THE GANG's Snood Dogg DIY wool scarf kit. Priced at $80.12, available at 
Net-A-Porter. Exactly the reason why I need to learn the skill. Sigh. Oh well. Crochet's a good start though.



The Leather

One of my students told me that 19 is not really that cold. Maybe not freezing but 14 is if the temperature drops that low during our visit. Since it would be funny to wear puffy jacket I would like to wear red leather jacket. Yes, specifically RED. Here are some good jackets that I found online.

Muubaa Mallow Biker Jacket at $530.00. Available at Revolve Clothing

Roberto Cavalli's Perforated Nappa Leather jacket. Available at Luisa Via Roma for 1,892.0 euros.

Or perhaps this classic moto style Simone Jacket as seen on Nicole Richie. Available at Singer 22 for $1,195.

This makes me more excited!!!


The Preparation

All right! In February (I know it's only Janaury and I'm thinking ahead) we are going to HongKong. It's been what, 2 years since I last traveled? In the meantime, while the itinerary is drafted, I have outfits in mind for our trip.

Outfit #1
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The Music

Up Dharma Down, once again, mesmerizes everyone with their new single "Indak"



The Attack

Tell me if this is not addictive!!! Let this be my last day of getting my brains eaten by this game. Tomorrow and the rest of the month is more goal oriented. Hey, I have goals in this game too, in fact I have had a lot of achievements. Alright alright, doesn't sound mature but yeah I thought'd forgot about this game then I got an itouch then I bought the game for at least $2 then my schedule went mad. To my students, I shall talk to you tomorrow. Ciao!



The Free Biscuits

If there's one gift that i'd like to receive today that'd be genesority. So I put up a little something on facebook - it started last year actually when we decided to spring clean the apartment. Instead of throwing things out I decided to create a freebies corner called FREE BISCUITS. Check it out for yourself. I know some of them are not new but hey other people might need them. In case you wanna give something away let me know. Comment here, email me or message me on Facebook.

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The Book

Hello, did I mention that I love to read? A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini is my first read in 2012.


The Shoe Rack

I would really like to try the 365-day project as much as I can. I know it takes a lot of perseverance and artistic abilities. So let us see where this'll lead me. To keep track I'll label each post with "+ then the #" just for the heck of of it. I got back from my sort of long vacation and when I got home at the apartment I found this new shoe rack. Nothing too fancy but it's definitely neat and it saves a lot of space.

Oh by the way im using the blogger app for itouch. Really nice!



The Twenty Twelve

No bucket list, no new year resolution, only realistic goals. I'm not gonna share my goals just yet, not even a preview of it. But since 2012's going to be a good year for me let me start by dusting off few old skin and a kick-ass yet comfy outfit as these.

Shin Min Ah for Rag and Bone

Happy year of the Dragon, everyone!