Fashion Gala Wednesday (5.2.2012)

Welcome to my first ever Fashion Gala! How to join?
1. Add your blog URL.
2. Follow me as your hostess, I always follow back!
3. Follow others on the list, comment, and 
let them know you're visiting from Fashion Gala Wednesdays.

Trust me, this will definitely add more traffic to your site. I've been following blogs for as long as I can remember and it's so good to know that bloggers are helping other bloggers by organizing bloghops like this. So I guess it's time to pay it forward. Hey, doesn't matter what kind of blog you have or language you use. Everyone is welcome here! Remember, bloghop starts wednesday but you can already put in your links.


  1. Hi Gwen, let me know if there's another bloghop coming. I'm willing to join.

  2. How can I follow your blog? There's no widget for the followers. I hope I'm doing this right. I'll add my URL and will comment on your other posts. :-)

  3. hi Rhoda,

    Let's do it next wednesday then! Yeey, I thought I'm doing it alone. :) Nice to meet you. Hey i'll follow your blog then.