HongKong, Day 1

A girl could only dream of snow and cold weather especially when she lives in the tropics. So when we went to HongKong in Feb, we were equipped with winter clothes. Cool outfit deserves a photoshoot. Sadly I was mostly the photographer so my friends took photos of me. It wasn't as cold as I expected it to be but still it was a good opportunity for a photoshoot.

Just arrived at HongKong international airport. 
I was trying to get some wifi and luckily I was able to connect! 
Seriously, Philippines should have more wifi hotspots.

See, I was THE photographer.

Hurray for travellers!! This is my friend, Popin. Remeber when I said it wasn't that cold? Yep, that's why I had to take off my blazer. This was inside the airport but outside it was freezing. Hey it was 11PM when we arrived.

What I'm wearing:
1. Long sleeves and printed shirt - c/o my friend Briex
(She gave it to me when she visited day before we left for HongKong)
2. Pants - Divisoria
3. Shoes - flea market
4. Blazer - eBay
5. Scarf - Landmark

I buy really comfortable clothes that are not expensive. I usually get my clothes from eBay, local brands and department stores. And I like it that way. Tune in for some thrifty fashion tips. 

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  1. Haven't tried eBay yet. Thanks for the idea. :-)