Black Swan x Morticia Addams

I miss dressing up for coporate occassions since I left my the old company. I used to look forward to year-end parties, halloween, themed weekdays, and summer outings. I miss having trouble looking for the right outfit, not to mention searching for the right hairstyles and makeup and customes too! Because everyone  - probably not eveyone - but 98% of the people loved art, and music and socializing and craziness and having fun.

Halloween is a hint that may birthday is coming but I do not have the chance to attend to any parties this year. So my housemate and I went silly, bored, and artistic! We put on our makeup and dress up for halloween and pose for pictures. Had I attended a party, I would've been the black swan. Then, Honey, my housemate dressed up like Morticia Addams.



To those of us who love to travel, there's a new suitcase that's easy to carry. Introducing, Hop! the following suitcase. I'm such a light packer, I usually carry backpack even on a 4 or 5-day vacation. But this! I think it's cute but the problem is what if your smart phone signal interferes with other passengers? I'm not sure how heavy this thing is but it looks really convenient.

hop! the following suitcase from rodrigo garcĂ­a on Vimeo.


More fun in the Philippines

Sure, my country, The Philippines has been with a lot of controversies lately. From Senator's infringement issues to cybercrime law to the circus of filing for certicate of candicacy-  the Department of Tourism created a way to let everyone know that there are beautiful things despite our socia problems. There is HOPE. See for yourself! 


Playing dress up!

There are four of us in this apartment. The other new housemate came in about a month ago. In days when we have nothing else to do, we play dress up and of course I play the photographer.

The walls were dirty, the floor - unscrubed and the only available light was that from the window with an amateur skill as a photograph, we ended up laughing as if we're trippin' and on a high. Enjoy the pictures!





No to Cybercrime Law!!!

I believe in the freedom expression not in hasty laws that do not contribute to the betterment of my country, The Philippnes. There are several other social issues that must be addressed. We DON'T need another LAW! We want action.