Black Swan x Morticia Addams

I miss dressing up for coporate occassions since I left my the old company. I used to look forward to year-end parties, halloween, themed weekdays, and summer outings. I miss having trouble looking for the right outfit, not to mention searching for the right hairstyles and makeup and customes too! Because everyone  - probably not eveyone - but 98% of the people loved art, and music and socializing and craziness and having fun.

Halloween is a hint that may birthday is coming but I do not have the chance to attend to any parties this year. So my housemate and I went silly, bored, and artistic! We put on our makeup and dress up for halloween and pose for pictures. Had I attended a party, I would've been the black swan. Then, Honey, my housemate dressed up like Morticia Addams.

Makeup by: yours trully
Hair by: Honey Banto

On me: skirt from Mango (which I bought 2 years ago), top from Meg.
On Honey: Pants and top from the flea market. I remember she mentioned the pants were only worth 25 pesos.

Right down below is the inspiration where I got my look from. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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And here's a video from Michelle Phan. You might wanna check out her blog too. She updates it everyday.
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