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There will be no updates in this blog anytime soon as my sister and  I are preparing for world domination. Kidding aside, we have a business going on and it's going to be LEGENDARY (as your uncle Barney Stinson would say). I'll keep you posted on that one.


Out of Mongolia

An exquisite showcase of talent and helluva skill where less is (truly) more. I would trade a great weekend for this craft!

Photography | Manzi Gomez x Bry Manaloto
Hair and Makeup | Thirdie Octavo x Kevin Ives
Styling and Art Direction | Paolo Sumayao
Models | Tani Bombeo x Jane x Candy Wang
Neckpieces by Dylan Funa Gallaza


Eugene + Ruth

My work 9 years ago as an assistant to a photographer (doing all sorts of administrative task) didn't spark the interest in me taking photos for a living (not even a hobby). To me it was about proving myself to my mother and my peers that I am working and earning. Even the earning part wasn't essential, it's the proving part that made the 11 months worthwhile. It wasn't even what I wanted, but I had work! I remember a canon camera, I remember saving tons of pictures after the wedding. I remember customers getting angry at me for a some shots they didn't like. Who cares, I wasn't the photographer, I was the messenger. And because I loved my job I got curious (not interested) about what photographers and camera men do during weddings. I kinda put that lesson in my brain somewhere which I put into some good use today.

How did I learn to love photography? I'm not sure. All I know is that I love art, I love people's faces and I survey them through my camera. I love emotions - all sorts and I love looking at them in my pictures. It is true, pictures tell stories and they do not lie.

In May, I had the chance to cover a very simple wedding. The thing about being a wedding photographer is that you have to deal with everyone - from random kids, to parents, to nosy neighbors, and of course the bride and the groom. And because it is a wedding, it has to be close to perfection. Since I am not a professional photographer I panic a lot especially during big celebrations. Gladly, the wedding. my friend and I attended had the nicest people and the nicest crowd. To think I was the 'main' photographer, I had fun and I ate plenty of cake. That was the best part! hahaha.

Here's the bonus part, the groom played the drums, the bride, the made of honor (bride's sister), and the bride's father sang. What a treat! To Eugene and Ruth, thank you for the opporutnity (and the cake).

Eugene + Ruth
May 18, 2013
Lemery, Batangas

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Get the Look: Sunkissed Beauty Edition

I am all for skin care and hair protection even when you are under the sun getting that tan all day long. Lighter skin gets burned easily, get an SPF100 sunscreen before puting on makeup. Avoid hair damage by applying sun care protective hair veil before soaking in sea water. At the end of the day, when the sun is out and the makeup is gone, all you need is a sunburned-free skin and a glossy hair. Having fun is keeping your skin healthy. Have a fun summer!

Here's how to get that perfect summer glow!

Get the Look: Sunkissed Beauty Edition

H&M plastic sunglasses
$7.62 - hm.com


Boots no7

Sun care

Estée Lauder beauty product
$35 - johnlewis.com

Aveda beauty product
$31 - debenhams.com

Nars cosmetic
$22 - liberty.co.uk


Courtside Couture

Today's facebook newsfeed was brought to you by the NBA finals. But first, congratulations Miami Heat for winning the game! I was secrectly watching the game and never posted anything nor commented about it - not even on twitter. But it was a good game. The NBA stars were not the only celebrities in the arena, Justin Bieber was there today, and almost all of the courtside celebrities cheering for their team also dressed up as if they're one of the players. Ball caps, tight jeans, sneakers and a lotta blings are staple fashion during NBA season. Here are my top pick courtside couture from Polyvore:  sheer floral top, tight demin jeans, a really nice backpack, very comfortable high top sneakers, red watch from my favorite brand - swatch and a ball cap.


Juicy Couture denim skinny jeans, 5,910 PHP / Aéropostale multi colored shoes, 2,605 PHP / Studded bag, 875 PHP / Plastic jewelry, 2,625 PHP



Weekends with good friends doesn't have to be expensive. Doesn't always have to be over coffee at posh cupcake shops. Sometimes all you need is a 100-peso movie ticket, a good chat at a family mart and the latest smarphone. My phone's way too old to take pictures so my friend and I decided to pose everywhere using his iPhone. It turned out to be suprisingly good. I should buy a new phone, what do you say?
Photos by the Joe What Now, follow him on twitter.


Back to School

I always had casual outfits back in college, mostly shirt and jeans. But if you feel like adding color to your outfit despite thesis deadline or feasibility study research, then this is a great outfit for you. 

Back to School

Gathered skirt, 5,445 PHP / Frye sandals, 8,035 PHP / Marc by Marc Jacobs mini handbag, 8,290 PHP / Linea Pelle bracelet bangle, 1,925 PHP / Jennifer Behr crystal hair accessory, 7,035 PHP / Brimmed hat, 1,235 PHP


Top Model Philippines

The long running model search is back in the Philippines and Sarah Meier is hosting it. I have been following America's Next Top Model for several years (on youtube of course) and even with all the ups and downs of the show I still love it. I was crazy about Asia's Next Top Model (watch it here) so getting doubly excited bringing the show local for the second time is an understatement. To young and fierce Filipinas out there, check out the video below for your last chance to be part of Top Model Philippines. Check out ETC TV's website for full mechanics.


Red Weekend

This Little Red Riding Hood 2010 sketchy 2d animation by Hyunjoo Song is really cute and lovely.  Now I have to rethink about liking a unicorn. Enjoy! 

Now moving on, take a look at my first ever outfit down below. I discovered Polyvore. I mean re-discovered it. But you see I never really had the chance to browse the site and I know you guys already have Polyvore account. 

The Red Weekend

A really comfortable weekend outfit. The heavy patterned blouse is matched with plain white shorts to balance it out. Although the red sandals matches the color of the blouse, it doesn't overwhelm. I am the type of person who likes huge bags, so this bag carries a lot of things but doesn't look too bulky. Finally, the stylish braided hair, OPI's nude nail polish, and Burberry's nude leather watch completes this look but they do not disturb the entire outfit. Just perfect for the weekend.

Red Weekend

French Connection shorts, 2,220 PHP / Tory Burch gladiator sandals, 8,355 PHP / Betsey Johnson , 5,360 PHP / Burberry jewelry, 20,725 PHP



I am back to my old self - work, crochet, tutor and some little things in between. My old yarns are sitting and waiting in my room, some dusty others, bored. So I was looking for some inspiration from youtube and other blogs and I came across a shop in etsy of crocheted cuff, necklaces and other really beautiful, intricately made accessories. Now I feel so mediocre. LOL. Below are my top 3 favorites. Check out Irregular Expressions on Etsy for more designs.


When in Singapore

What do you exactly do when you have a 21-hour layover at Changi airport? Changi is pretty, even more beautiful when I first came there in 2009. If was magnificent. Well yeah, I can think of all the pretty adjectives to describe it not to mention the free facilities you can avail like the free wifi and free computures everywhere. The luscious indoor gardens, shops that look chic and smell really nice. Some 24-hour cafe, a massage chair, comfortable sleeping quarter and a free tour around Singapura! Yep, so generous that you dont have to pay for anthng anything. All you have to do is register by 8am and wait for instructions. By the way, this the easiest way out if you hate the tedious Q&A at the immigration - trust me! They give you marked immigration card form saying you're going on a bus tour. Believe it or not they have the best airport in the entire universe. Click here for details.

This where I went because I had connecting flight. A Filipina staff mentioned the podium to the free tour was right beside the escalator. You'll see a little later. 

You can't say no to a free massage.  

 These phone booths are for free. Put in a dollar and phone a friend anywhere in Singapore. It'll give your dollar back when you hung up.

This is still at Terminal 2. A budget terminal that doesn't look like one. Right? Right?  

As mentioned earlier, a free wifi and computers everywhere. Look at those computers at the back, you can use them for free. I was a bit challenged as to which computer to use, no one's using them obviously (just because it was 1am when our plan arrived.)

 The well arranged flowers and really nice decors. 

 So you know it was Feb, thus, the hearts.

Well functioning flight monitors. Again, functional!! I swear I almost missed my flight from Manila. 

This is the podium that I am talking about. It doesn't look blue but it is. I slept for about 5 hours and woke up at 7:30 to get there early because I had to be at the 9am tour. And of course more time to meet with friends.  Availability is limited although you can choose between a morning or late afternoon tour. Again check the website for details.

This is the bus!! I know it's huge. So much space for ten people. Our tour guide said in some days this bus is really full. If I remember it right, we only had two stops, one near the esplanade, then back to the airport. Take note there are no toilets inside the bus but you'll be given time to do your personal stuff before the tour so take advantage of that.

It was raining, gladly no storm. Some trips were cut short because of storms. 

Singapore flyer. I saw pictures of it at night, it was spectacular. I took about 5 photos of it while the bus was moving. The universe was nice, I had a good accidental shot. 

The Fullerton Hotel, it's close to Singapore rive and right across the Esplanade. This has got to be one of the best architectural structures I have seen. 

 Merlion - not the biggest one though.
Low cost condominium commonly know as HDB are residential buildings for Singaporeans and permanent residents. According to our tour guide, the government gives priority to families with children and couples who would want to start a family.

It wasn't a bad layover when you get to Singapore even on a rainy day plus I met friends over lunch and I had a really nice shower before my 8-hour flight. How's that for a treat?