Thank you!

15,000 visitors, wow! Thank you very much. I rarely post but people come to see my page - at least some are interested but thank you so very much. I maintain two blogs, the Junior Executive blog which aims to make millions (haha, I mean seriously) and this lifestyle/fashion blog, which I suppose, aims to promote beauty, love and happiness.

And just like any other blog I assume a lot are coming here to see new and exciting stuff, right? So moving forward I will:
1. Write about my beanie projects. I have had beanie projects in 2012 and sure there will be more in 2013. I will post each and everyone one of them. And yes I'm selling them too.
2. My travels will be included - past and recent.
3. And more random fashion posts.

Also, also, also, there's this wonderful site about Japan and japanese language and culture that I want to share with you. It's perky and fun, it makes learning interesting. I read it everyday since I discovered it plus they update their blog almost everyday. They are TOFUGU!! Click for more cute and exciting stuff. Yeey!!


No New Year Resolution

This may seem a new year resolution to you but for me these are my 2013 goals. I would consider them mini victory once accomplished. The list is short but would require a lot of hardwork. I'm not gonna detail how I will do it but I will push myself a little bit more. 2012 is a bit laid back and I put a lot of things at halt. So this year's a continuation with a BANG!

1. A healthier skin and a healthier self.
2. To visit my parents at least twice a year.
3. A travel abroad.
4. To learn a new skill.

From my family to you, 
Happy new year!

Me, Father and Jini
(mother was sleeping and brother was MIA. We need another family picture)