When in Singapore

What do you exactly do when you have a 21-hour layover at Changi airport? Changi is pretty, even more beautiful when I first came there in 2009. If was magnificent. Well yeah, I can think of all the pretty adjectives to describe it not to mention the free facilities you can avail like the free wifi and free computures everywhere. The luscious indoor gardens, shops that look chic and smell really nice. Some 24-hour cafe, a massage chair, comfortable sleeping quarter and a free tour around Singapura! Yep, so generous that you dont have to pay for anthng anything. All you have to do is register by 8am and wait for instructions. By the way, this the easiest way out if you hate the tedious Q&A at the immigration - trust me! They give you marked immigration card form saying you're going on a bus tour. Believe it or not they have the best airport in the entire universe. Click here for details.

This where I went because I had connecting flight. A Filipina staff mentioned the podium to the free tour was right beside the escalator. You'll see a little later. 

You can't say no to a free massage.  

 These phone booths are for free. Put in a dollar and phone a friend anywhere in Singapore. It'll give your dollar back when you hung up.

This is still at Terminal 2. A budget terminal that doesn't look like one. Right? Right?  

As mentioned earlier, a free wifi and computers everywhere. Look at those computers at the back, you can use them for free. I was a bit challenged as to which computer to use, no one's using them obviously (just because it was 1am when our plan arrived.)

 The well arranged flowers and really nice decors. 

 So you know it was Feb, thus, the hearts.

Well functioning flight monitors. Again, functional!! I swear I almost missed my flight from Manila. 

This is the podium that I am talking about. It doesn't look blue but it is. I slept for about 5 hours and woke up at 7:30 to get there early because I had to be at the 9am tour. And of course more time to meet with friends.  Availability is limited although you can choose between a morning or late afternoon tour. Again check the website for details.

This is the bus!! I know it's huge. So much space for ten people. Our tour guide said in some days this bus is really full. If I remember it right, we only had two stops, one near the esplanade, then back to the airport. Take note there are no toilets inside the bus but you'll be given time to do your personal stuff before the tour so take advantage of that.

It was raining, gladly no storm. Some trips were cut short because of storms. 

Singapore flyer. I saw pictures of it at night, it was spectacular. I took about 5 photos of it while the bus was moving. The universe was nice, I had a good accidental shot. 

The Fullerton Hotel, it's close to Singapore rive and right across the Esplanade. This has got to be one of the best architectural structures I have seen. 

 Merlion - not the biggest one though.
Low cost condominium commonly know as HDB are residential buildings for Singaporeans and permanent residents. According to our tour guide, the government gives priority to families with children and couples who would want to start a family.

It wasn't a bad layover when you get to Singapore even on a rainy day plus I met friends over lunch and I had a really nice shower before my 8-hour flight. How's that for a treat?


  1. Hawda ang Oz blog posts ha! :))

    1. samuka oi, ayaw ba kay basin ma dismaya ka. :))

  2. gwen!!!!!!!!! u're so back! yay! MORE! and i happen to love SG!

    1. Super nindot and super clean jud ang SG.

  3. Like the pics and I NEED a free massage now haha...



    1. I do, too! It's hard to sneak out one of those as they are heavy. hahaha