Courtside Couture

Today's facebook newsfeed was brought to you by the NBA finals. But first, congratulations Miami Heat for winning the game! I was secrectly watching the game and never posted anything nor commented about it - not even on twitter. But it was a good game. The NBA stars were not the only celebrities in the arena, Justin Bieber was there today, and almost all of the courtside celebrities cheering for their team also dressed up as if they're one of the players. Ball caps, tight jeans, sneakers and a lotta blings are staple fashion during NBA season. Here are my top pick courtside couture from Polyvore:  sheer floral top, tight demin jeans, a really nice backpack, very comfortable high top sneakers, red watch from my favorite brand - swatch and a ball cap.


Juicy Couture denim skinny jeans, 5,910 PHP / AĆ©ropostale multi colored shoes, 2,605 PHP / Studded bag, 875 PHP / Plastic jewelry, 2,625 PHP

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